Top 5 Craziest Buildings Ever Built

Architects and engineers usually spend their time designing homes and rather average structures. However, every once and a while, unique and out-of-this-world projects come across their plate. While there is surely an endless number of crazy buildings across the globe, let’s take a look at 5 of the absolute craziest.

The video below will dive even deeper into these top 5 buildings with pictures and facts.

5. Eden Project: Cornwall, England


Image Source: Wikipedia

The Eden project is a set of biomes where inside lies a large collection of diverse plant species in a wide array of internally controlled climates. Constructed in the remnants of a kaolinite mine, the entire project consists of two huge structures made up of adjoining honeycomb domes. The structures themselves are held up by steel framing and enclosed by inflated hexagonal and pentagonal plastic cells.

4. Nord/LB Office Building: Hanover, Germany


Image Source: Wikipedia

When you think of office buildings, you think bland and boring, but not the Nord/LB buildings in Germany. Occupying an entire city block, the Nord/LB building jolts out in every direction like a building put together with spare parts. The building looks more like a maze of hamster tunnels than an actual place of work and houses one of the largest commercial banks in Germany.

3. Sanzhi UFO Houses: New Taipei City, Taiwan

ufo houses taiwan

Image Source: Wikipedia

These abandoned buildings might be home to some futuristic alien ghosts by the looks of them. Construction began in 1978 but was shut down in 1980 due to a loss of funding. The project was originally marketed as a vacation resort for U.S. military officers but after a series of unusual deaths said to be caused by disrupting a Chinese dragon sculpture on the site, investors backed out. Unfortunately, the site was demolished in 2009 and the odd, possibly cursed, structures are no more.

2. Niterói Contemporary Art Museum: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

niteroi contemporary art museum

Image Source: Wikipedia

Completed in 1996, this museum is both futuristic and incredibly engineered to create one of Rio de Janeiro’s main architectural landmarks. The entire structure is  16 meters high with the circular cupola having an upper diameter of 50 meters across 3 floors. Surrounding the building, there is a large reflecting pool meant to make the building resemble a flower.

1. National Grand Theater: Beijing, China

national grand theater

Image Source: Flickr

Described as the giant blue egg of Beijing, inside this titanium and glass-lined dome lies a performing arts center that seats nearly 5,500 people. Construction on this large ellipsoid dome was completed in 2007 with an inaugural opera concert marking the opening. Surrounding the structure sits a  shallow artificial lake making the structure look even more impressive during the fall of night.

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