Tools and Tech That Makes Life as an Engineer Better

We all spend a lot of time at work. 40 hours a week, right? While we absolutely love what we do, that work requires us to spend a lot of time at our desk, in front of our computers, working in our favorite design software. For that to truly be enjoyable, the tools around us need to help make things go smoothly and keep us engaged and focused so we can do our best work.

So our small team of engineers turned marketers has set out to field test as much as we can talk our boss into buying that might fit the bill. We’re going to cover everything from computer hardware to furniture, along with all the gizmos and gadgets that might make your day better.

Right now, we’ve got a few new pieces of tech in our labs (i.e. basement offices). The first is the new Microsoft Surface Book. We will put it through the paces with both Autodesk Inventor and Fusion 360, while taking a look at how we can exploit the tablet functionality. And since we’re all constantly on the go, the fact that it is incredibly light and still packs in some pretty good specs will make working with it while travelling a much better option than your 15-pound workstation.


The next item we are going to take a peek at is a height adjustable desk. Move over dusty, coffee stained, 10,000-pound desk and say hello to the smoothly operating, better for your back Herman Miller elevated desk. Our research will review some data that suggest the benefits of standing while working and let you know firsthand how they work for us.

The final items we are testing are a couple new devices from the company every CAD-using engineer should be familiar with, 3Dconnexion. 3D motion controllers have been around for a while and I hope every one of you already have one, but if you don’t, our research might convince you to put it on the must-have list. And, who knows, I may have a few laying around to give away. We’ll also be reviewing their newest device—a complete reimagining of the mouse, made specifically for engineers using design software.


The team can’t wait to share their hands on experience with you and we would love to hear what makes your work day better. Have an engineering tip, trick, hack, or review you want to share? Post it in the comments and we’ll give it a look. If you’re lucky, we might even make you a guest blogger!  Lucky… right?

The opinions and recommendations we will be discussing in the series are not those of Autodesk and are not endorsements of any products or company. These are merely as the title suggests, things that we think will make your day-to-day life better.

Luke has been involved with design, engineering and analysis since 1995. His career started in telecommunications designing mobile production equipment for TV and radio. He has taught design and drafting at Pittsburgh Technical Institute and has spent over 9 years as an application engineer for an Autodesk reseller and Blue Ridge Numerics. His various roles as educator, end-user and provider give Luke a unique perspective on identifying, understanding and helping solve engineering challenges. As a Product Marketing Manager for Industry & Product Marketing at Autodesk, he is responsible for the creation and implementation of relevant content and tools that help users understand and utilize the Autodesk Manufacturing Portfolio.

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