Time-Saving Tips and Tricks While Cleaning Your Home

A home is the best place to spend time with friends and loved ones. A dirty house is a big turn off, and your home has to be clean and hygienic. Although maintaining cleanliness in your home can be overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Luckily, some cleaning tricks can make cleaning less stressful and quick.

Check out time-saving hacks for a cleaner home:

1. Declutter

Clutter is an issue that affects many homeowners. You’re probably aware of the stress that unnecessary items in your home can cause you. A disorderly house isn’t easy to clean and may look untidy no matter how much you clean. So, start by getting rid of all unwanted items in your bedroom then move on to other rooms in our home.

For the remaining items, create more storage space, and this is where custom closets come in handy.  Besides, there are many bedroom closet designs, and you can always get the perfect fit for your storage needs. Also, employ other cleaning tips for excellent results.

2. Keep cleaning supplies within reach.

Organize your cleaning supplies, and you’ll have your housework made easy. Store a set in the sink or a drawer, and when you decide to clean up the room, finding the right supplies won’t be a challenge. If you don’t organize your cleaning supplies and tools, you may end up wasting a lot of time looking for some things.

3. Avoid time-wasting mistakes

You probably spend a lot more time cleaning your home than you should. To save time, shun using many different cleaning products and brands and instead opt for an all-purpose cleaner.

4. Multitask

Although cooking may seem simple, some foods may take longer to cook. As you wait for your food to cook, throw a pile of dirty clothes in the washing machine. You can also clean your countertop to get rid of the elbow grease. Also, wash the utensils after serving, and you’ll accomplish two tasks or more in the same amount of time. Besides, multitasking is one of the commonly used cleaning tricks.

5. Prioritize!

List the cleaning chores in order of importance and start with the most important or urgent tasks. If you run short of time, you’ll have at least attended to the more pressing chores. Also, set time to tackle the remaining chores later on.

6. Clean up after cooking

After dinner, go through your entire kitchen and wipe up everything. Use a warm damp cloth with an antibacterial spray to wipe down the kitchen counters as well as the stovetop. Also, don’t forget to wipe your microwave. After this, continue to the floors, use a broom, and a vacuum to clean up dirty spots. Use a paper towel for any wet or sticky spots. Do this each night, and your house will remain clean the entire week.

7. Clean your broom

If you don’t take time to clean your cleaning tool, you drag dirt and dust particles around your home. To avoid this, hold your broom’s bristles along a rough edge, and vacuum to get to any stuff trapped inside.

8. Shower your houseplants

Leafy house plants usually develop layers of dust and can take a lot of time to clean them. Avoid the rigorous process of cleaning them by hand and shower them instead. Pop them in your bathtub and allow the refreshing shower to run over them for some minutes. By doing so, you’ll not only have dust-free plants but will also have watered them.

Final thoughts

House cleaning is time-consuming, and most people dedicate the entire weekend to cleaning tasks. Sometimes due to hectic schedules, people end up using professional cleaning services as well. However, there are many time-saving house cleaning hacks that you can employ and still have a clean home. Consider the above cleaning tricks on how to clean a house fast and properly.

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