This Giant RC Plane was Engineered with Cardboard

Remote control airplanes of all shapes and sizes are great ways to explore the air and build a hobby. You can get a cheap plane at Walmart and start having some fun, but if you want something bigger, you’re probably looking at shelling out a great deal of cash.

“Professional” models can range upwards of five figures and verge on the insane in terms of their engineering. However, thanks to some creative hobbyists, you can now build a giant A-10 Warthog RC plane for under 50 bucks. The plans involve a custom-cut cardboard plane wired with basic RC components. Check out the interesting build in the video below!

Trevor is a civil engineer (B.S.) by trade and an accomplished writer with a passion for inspiring everyone with new and exciting technologies. He is also a published children’s book author and the producer for the YouTube channel Concerning Reality.

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