There are Mysterious Hums Occurring All Over the World


Pretty mysterious, eh?

Well, it would be if your entire town just started hearing a massive hum in the air and had no idea where it was coming from.

For the past 50 or so years, towns across the world have been starting to hear mysterious and persistent annoying hums that they can’t explain. Take for example the residents of Windsor City, a Canadian town right on the US-Canada border.

They have been experiencing a hum for about the last decade. It comes and goes lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days at time. Only certain people can hear it and it sounds like someone with a subwoofer that’s just a little too loud.

The hum causes nausea and headaches and keeps people from sleeping too. It shakes windows and causes pictures to fall off walls.

The presence of this weird hum has caused many to develop theories of UFOs or covert military experiments. All of that mystery presented, researchers believe the hum is coming from industrial activity nearby.

There’s an island nearby that has a steel plant on it with blast furnaces. Experts think the blast furnaces are making a droning 35 hertz sound that causes the city to get foggy as well. The hum the residents hear usually corresponds to flames on the plant’s stacks, but the company that operates the plant, US Steel, is mostly uncooperative with any investigation.

For now, the residents of Windsor are left to bathe in a droning hum.

This isn’t an isolated incident, however.

Residents in Bristol, England complained of a droning hum in the 1970s that was mostly attributed to factory noise nearby. Throughout the next decades, many towns across England started reporting more hums.

These hums were occurring in the US as well, like in the 1990s in Taos, New Mexico, or Kokomo, Indiana. In these places, residents even claimed the hum caused light bulbs to explode. The sources of these hums haven’t been determined…

Researchers have tried to determine what might be capable of producing these hums. In 2015, a study was done that showed low-frequency communication can produce hums, like that used for communicating with submarines. They also found that ocean wave patterns are capable of producing similar hums as well.

All of this leads to speculation for the causes of any given localized hum, though.

We do know that these low hums negatively affect human cognition, lowering our visual capabilities and concentration. Even when people don’t audibly hear these hums, it causes agitation, nervousness, distraction, and depression.

Hums are becoming more of a persistent problem in the world around us, and for the most part, their specific causes aren’t known. If you want to see all the places in the world that mysterious hums have been reported, take a look at this map.


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