The Hyperloop May Soon Bring you One-Day Shipping from Amazon

By now, we have all probably heard of the hyperloop, Elon Musk’s crazy idea that is now being developed from cross-USA transport. Hyperloop One, one of the companies behind the hyperloop development, believes that a hyperloop system used for package delivery could significantly help Amazon’s bottom line.


The Hyperloop technology works through magnetic acceleration inside of a slightly lower than atmospheric pressure tube. If you want more details about the technology, you can check out our other post on the subject here. Hyperloop One sees their transportation system not only revolutionary to human transport but also cargo transport due to its ability to reach speeds upwards of 700 miles per hour.

There is nothing concrete set in place between Hyperloop One and Amazon set in place yet, but according to Futurism, the company plans on releasing a white paper that will provide details of how Hyperloop technology could benefit the online retail giant. They forecast that a hyperloop system could decrease the number of Amazon warehouses from 119 to 18 and increase delivery rates to 66% of the US population.

The hyperloop continues to be one of the most futuristic and innovative transportation solutions. Significant engineering is going into it’s develop, but heavy questions still remain about its long-term viability. The appeal of the hyperloop to the shipping industry isn’t just the pods’ speed, rather it’s their ability to leave their origin at a high rate. Hyperloop One predicts that the pods could leave every 20 minutes with new shipments.

Time will tell if this tech partnership takes off. Knowing Amazon’s inclination to adopt new technology, if Hyperloop One can prove the long-term viability of the partnership, then it seems likely.

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