Smart Ideas to Get More Customer For Your New Business

Your client base determines how fast your business grows in the long-term. Businesses that have a loyal customer base still need new customers to scale their operations. If your revenue has been stagnant or slow, it’s time you used creative ways to market your business. Here are some ideas:

1.    Maximize on the Word of Mouth

While this is an extremely old marketing technique, it is still effective at attracting new customers. According to an advertising report conducted by Nielsen Global, 92% of consumers are more likely to believe suggestions from a family member or a friend than advertising.

This is because word of mouth does not end after one interaction. Once an employee or existing customer tells another person about the product, he is likely to recommend it to another, and the chain continues. Some ways of making word of mouth marketing include:

  • Make your brand interesting
  • Share information that adds value
  • Create emotion by sharing experiences
  • Tie your product to something else consumers use or do

2.    Participate in a Trade Show

Whether your business is thriving or a startup, a trade show is a proven way of attracting new customers. Companies leverage visual content like trade show displays, motion graphics, custom brochures, and custom booth designs to engage potential contacts. With the modern customer demanding personalized, high-quality content, you can no longer rely on cookie-cutter visual aids.

3.    Leverage on Contest Marketing

Contest marketing not only attracts more customers but also enhances brand awareness, improves customer engagement, and even helps you gather information about a target market. Since there are different types of content marketing campaigns, a business should leverage on the one that aligns with its needs. For this discussion, the primary goal is to attract new customers. As such companies can use:

  • Event-based contests: These contests are based on specific occasions that occur throughout the year, e.g., Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Black Friday
  • Giveaways: This kind involves giving free prizes to people who have been selected randomly. The customers should meet some basic requirements to qualify for a prize
  • Quiz or Trivia: The contests provide the audience with a chance to answer questions to win prizes. You can also use this method to gain user insights about a buyer’s knowledge about the product

4.    Provide Free Product Trials

Free trials are an excellent way of attracting new customers and collect candid reviews that help a business make adjustments. They also shorten the buyer’s decision process creating an urge for him to purchase the product.

Customers go through a decision process when making a purchase. The first step involves realizing they have a need or problem. Next, they seek information about the potential solution.

Factors like price, personal preferences, availability, and biases influence the buyer’s decision when purchasing the product. Thus, providing a product sample reduces this process by letting the customer have a direct experience.

The free trials also provide a rational way for the customer to understand your solution to his existing problem. The customer is compelled to purchase the product in return, especially if it meets all the desired preferences.

5.    Using Direct Response Marketing

With this form of marketing, companies can quickly create a roster of interested customers; they can reach out using newsletters, event invitations, and other reminders. Direct marketing is a form of an advertising campaign that requires customers to take action in response to a post mail, point of sale or telemarketing.

A unique factor about this form of marketing is that customer response is measurable. For example, if you are offering a discount at an online store, you can include cookies to inform you if the customer used the code.


Attracting new customers to a business is no easy task. It would be best if you were aggressive and tactful to avoid scaring away prospective customers. Also, integrate systems to help you measure whether those marketing efforts are delivering the desired results or not.

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