Scientists Just Teleported a Photon from Earth into Space

The first successful teleportation of an object from Earth into space has just been accomplished by a team of Chinese researchers.

It was achieved using the Micius satellite which was launched for the sole purpose of testing quantum experiments. The team was able to teleport a single photon from a lab on earth into a containment cell on the satellite through quantum entanglement. This essentially means that the scientists created a pair of entangled particles on earth and were able to exactly recreate those particles on the satellite, achieving teleportation in every sense.


Technically called quantum teleportation and in practical senses does not teleport actual mass from earth into space, it is the closest that we might ever achieve to teleportation. Even still, it could lead to a way to future even more impactful quantum teleportation discoveries. Essentially, this is a way of transmitting information about a particle or particles from one location to another. By entangling the particles, each particle exists in a shared state where whatever happens to one happens to the other. This entanglement is sustainable across large distances, part of what has been demonstrated by this new research.

The practical use of quantum entanglement dates back to the early 1990s where physicists realized that it could be used to essentially copy one particle onto another. Doing so creates a sort of “clone” particle.

Digging further into the practical uses of quantum entanglement, it could be used for instantaneous data transfer. You could refer to it as “high-speed” but that would require time to have elapsed during the transfer. By utilizing quantum computers, you could set up a quantum-ly entangled data network that all worked together instantaneously without delay.


The proven ability of quantum entanglement along with the ability to have more than 2 “bits” in quantum computers is part of the big push to realize this incredible technology.

Even though no physical object was technically teleported, this research demonstrates incredible achievements in this field. While it may not mean much to you, you can view a technical slide of how the quantum entangled teleportation from the researchers above. All of the data was published in a paper on Arxiv.

Source: Arxiv

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