We’ve teamed up with Autodesk to bring you a resource center filled with content perfect for engineering leaders, mechanical engineers, manufacturers, and anyone interested in exploring more about modern engineering trends.

Below, you can find industry-specific pages filled with resources relevant to each. 


If you’re an engineering leader looking to further your company, this extensive resource list will provide you with e-books, infographics, and articles so you can easily keep up with all of the latest industry trends.

Mechanical Engineering

Everything a mechanical engineer needs to know about the most innovative technologies and workflow improvements is collected in this resource center specifically designed for mechanical engineering.

Injection Molding

Do you specialize in injection molding technology? From an e-book discussing 11 factors in efficient mold cooling to a visual guide to mold cycle time, you’ll find what you need here.


Whether you are just getting interested in manufacturing or are an industry expert, the resources found here will facilitate further growth and help you stay on top of everything manufacturing.