Researchers Just Discovered Secret Chambers in the Great Pyramid

This new discovery of hidden chambers marks the first since the 19th century. Researchers currently do not believe that the newly found chambers hold any relics, rather they believe they will give deep insight into how these ancient structures were built.

Many have speculated that the pyramids contain larger undiscovered inner voids that were used to construct the rooms like the Grand Gallery with large spans. Other researchers believe that there exists an internal ramp to the structure that aided in constructing the pyramids at such a scale.

The Great Pyramid of Giza stands 456 feet tall and for 3,800 years was the tallest man-made structure on earth.

Scientists found the inner voids using a new tool called muon scanning. This process involves placing plates throughout the pyramid to collect muons, which are subatomic particles that naturally fly through our planet. Using complex technology on the outside and inside of the pyramid, the team collected the feedback from the muons on the interior plates. By examining the different reflections and signals received, a 3D interior map can be created.

Similar research technology was used on the Queen’s chamber back in 2015.

Image Source: Scan Pyramids

3 different teams collected data and came together afterward to develop their map. All found a large open space inside the pyramid next to the Grand Gallery, marking what could be an undiscovered room.

Moving forward, researchers are working with archaeologists to explore the findings further.

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