NASA Concept Plane Can Fold Wings in Flight

While NASA is involved significantly in space flight, they also invest a large part of their resources into aeronautical advancement.

In a recent test, the space agency investigated the ability of a new wing-folding technology that would allow for mid-flight wing shape change. The test involved launching a UAV called PTERA into the air and evaluating the capabilities of the craft to adjust its wing formation while still maintaining aerial stability.

The wing shape change isn’t actually one controlled by a pilot on the ground, rather it is mechanically actuated when various sensors detect temperature variations that inhibit or benefit a certain wing orientation. You can check out the test video from NASA below.

Trevor is a civil engineer (B.S.) by trade and an accomplished writer with a passion for inspiring everyone with new and exciting technologies. He is also a published children’s book author and the producer for the YouTube channel Concerning Reality.

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