Is it true that men’s beard carries more germs than a dog’s fur?

There are some trends that still remain classic and growing a beard is one among them. The masculine gender, especially the bachelors are the majority of ones who love growing beards. Many studies suggest that women are easily inclined towards men who grew beard rather than clean shaved men. 

There is a famous campaign called the ‘No Shave November ‘ where the men do not shave their beards. It has gone viral on all the social networking platforms. But does anyone know the purpose behind this campaign? There are many who think that this campaign is just for other purposes. The reason behind this campaign is that the men must donate all his earnings that are spent on grooming his beard for the sake of cancer patients. This is one of the leading campaigns held worldwide. 

Beard carries more germs than a dog’s fur. Fact or Myth?

There were debates going on for ages whether beards are hygienic or unhygienic. There were headlines on beards containing bacteria and this being compared to that of the bacteria present in the lavatory. There was also research done on beards and dog’s fur. Few samples of dog’s fur and beards were taken and sent to the laboratory for testing it. It was found that a man’s beard carried more germs compared to that of a dog’s fur and some beards were found to have bugs in them. This is quite shocking. The test concluded that beards have microbes that pose a threat to human health. 

Dogs have lower levels of microbes on their fur. This has created a phobia among few men, which is called Pogonophobia. But, this is not completely true. There are few amounts of good bacteria which are actually beneficial for the facial hair. It shields from problems caused by a beard. Proper maintenance can keep beards healthy and microbe-free. 

Maintaining the beard

It is not easy to maintain a beard these days with time being a barrier. Yet, if we want to maintain it, we need to follow some tips to make it look good and healthy. We generally shampoo tresses twice or thrice a week using a hair shampoo and conditioner. Beard also must be taken care of in the same way. The products used for hair locks can be also used for the beard but it might make the beard look rough and makes it unhealthy. Therefore, one must opt for beard products for proper maintenance. 

We can order the best products through online shopping apps. To keep the beard moisturized, use beard oil. Proper shampoo and conditioning of beard help in the growth of healthy beard. Wash it two or three days a week. Do not over-wash it as it might lead to dryness and the good microbes will be lost. Comb or brush the beard every single day for the oils to get distributed evenly. Another benefit of combing your beard is that it prevents tangles and also prevents food particles from clinging on to it. Trimming your beard on a weekly or monthly basis is also a way of maintaining a beard. 


There are many top brands manufacturing trimmers. It is difficult to choose between brands. This device runs on a battery. Imagine you have an important meeting at the office and you have to trim your beard. You use the regular trimmer you’ve been dependent on for ages. The trimmer suddenly stops working. What will you do now? There is a solution to this. Andis supra zr 2 is all you need. It is a trimmer used for hair styling purposes. The features of  Andis supra zr 2 include a three-hour runtime with 2 hours charge. It contains a lithium-ion battery and batteries are replaceable. Despite many debates on this, men still prefer growing a beard to look chic and heads turn up.

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