How Toyota Changed the Manufacturing Industry

Toyota may not be your favorite automotive manufacturer, but they created one of the most foundational manufacturing workflows in human history: lean manufacturing.

The entire concept began out of necessity for Toyota and it turned the traditional way of making things on its head. Rather than stockpiling raw materials, everything was done “just in time.” Lean manufacturing’s key concept is minimizing waste in the production line. For example, rather than have rows of completed dashboards to put into a car, the needed dashboard is finished just in time and installed.

This method may sound counterintuitive to anyone who is a fan of “being prepared,” but lean manufacturing slowly took over the manufacturing realm. Learn more about how it works and how Toyota single-handedly changed the way that we manufacture.

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Trevor is a civil engineer (B.S.) by trade and an accomplished writer with a passion for inspiring everyone with new and exciting technologies. He is also a published children’s book author and the producer for the YouTube channel Concerning Reality.

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