How To Keep Your Lawnmower Running For Years

Over the past couple of decades, the price on lawnmowers has come down slightly due to improving technology. But that doesn’t mean you want to be heading to the store to purchase a new mower every summer when you can literally watch grass grow because it is sprouting up so quickly. 

By taking a few extra minutes and doing a few minor tasks regularly. Your lawnmower could last you years and years. If you put in the effort to care for it, your mower could be something you pass down to your kids and it will keep cutting that grass year after year, whether you have a gas model or an electric lawn mower.

First up. Take some time to actually read the owners manual because there is plenty of helpful information in there written by the people who designed the machine. Except for articles like this one, you won’t find more expert advice then from the people who built your lawnmower. 


The oil is what ensures the motor runs at peak performance and the cleaner the oil, the longer it will last. So bust out the owners manual, buy some new oil and change it at regular intervals. Put a reminder on your calendar and keep your mower running smooth. This tip is low cost and a super quick job that all responsible lawn mower owners should be doing frequently. 


This is most important when you are using your mower regularly. The longer that engine is running, the dirtier the air filter is going to inevitably become. Depending on what sort of filter you have, be sure to either clean it frequently or have a few spares in your shed to be able to change it out when required. 


Not only can this be a hazard if they become brittle and break off during a mow, but they make the task of mowing much more difficult. By checking on your blades after each winter season and having them sharpened or replaced as needed, you will find it much easier to keep your lawn looking perfect for years to come. 


Just like the milk in your fridge, fuel can go bad and it  is not good for the longevity of your mower to use stale fuel. 

If you haven’t used your mower in 30days or don’t intend to use it for more than 30days, be sure to empty out the tank and refill it with some fresh fuel. You wouldn’t drink milk that had gone past its use by date, so don’t run your mower on substandard and stale fuel. 


Another easy to do task that will keep your mower running at peak performance is to replace old spark plugs. A hard to start mower is enough to frustrate you right into the hardware store for a new mower. But you don’t have to make the expensive replacement purchase. By replacing the spark plugs, you can avoid the annoyance of a mower that won’t turn over, and you will find your mowing is easy, stress free and bonus; you feel like a bit of a mechanic after doing it. 


This is the easiest tip that should be done after each use of your mower. 

A quick wipe down and clean keeps the build up of grass, grime and dust from becoming part of the paintjob. It also allows you to keep a close eye on potential rust spots and catch them before they eat away the outer shell and force you into prematurely needing a new mower. 

As you can see, it really doesn’t take much time or effort to make your lawnmower run well for years and years. Just like anything of value, you simply need to put in a little extra attention and care for your equipment and your future grandson will be proud to be using his poppy’s mower running as well as it did when you first got it.

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