A Look at the SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Launch in Animation

On Tuesday, January 6th, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket system successfully launched and began its journey to Mars. This historic event cements the Falcon Heavy as the heaviest rocket currently in existence and one of the most powerful ever built. It has the ability to lift 64 metric tons into low earth orbit, which when coupled with the overall cost of the rocket, cuts the current cost per ton of material in half for transport into LEO.

While the actual footage from the launch and successful landing of the boosters is incredible, SpaceX also released a breathtaking animation showing just how the event went down and how it will look for all future launches (minus the Tesla roadster payload). Check it out below.

Trevor is a civil engineer (B.S.) by trade and an accomplished writer with a passion for inspiring everyone with new and exciting technologies. He is also a published children’s book author and the producer for the YouTube channel Concerning Reality.

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