7 Cool DIY Presents for Your Girlfriend

When you date a girl for a relatively a long time, sooner or later you feel a shortage of ideas on how to surprise your girlfriend, cheer her up, give something special and original. Shops offer a rich assortment of various souvenirs and ready-made gift sets, but the best gift is one that is made by Yourself. Thus you show your girlfriend that you value and respect her. Also, a DIY gift is a great thing to do if you don’t know how to restore trust in a relationship. Of course, restoring trust is a very long process, and one gift, even if it was made by you, won’t fix all your problems, but this is a good start.

Gifts are pleasant to give and receive, especially if these are gifts made by your own hands. Here are several ideas of beautiful and uncomplicated things that you can make with your own hands.  These gifts are not only suitable for every occasion, but also can be presented without it at all.

  1. A photos collage

A simple but very sweet surprise. To make it, you only need to print your photos and make a beautiful collage. Also, you can hang the frames on the ropes, put them on a magnetic board, or stick them on the canvas on a stretcher. For example, you can make an original and unique lampshade with your photos. Every girl will be happy to receive a beautiful photo album made using the scrapbooking technique. Print some photos on which you are together, put them in chronological order, come up with original signatures, and write congratulations on the pages. Your girlfriend will never forget this.

  1. Wooden or metal flower

If your girlfriend likes flowers, you can make an original surprise: an unfading rose made of wood or metal. The work of making such a gift with your own hands is very difficult, but if you know how to handle tools, it will not be difficult for you to make a beautiful surprise. You can be sure that she will never forget this gift, especially if you write small wishes or compliments on its leaves.

  1. A Coffee Topiary

A beautiful decorative tree is a wonderful gift for fans of coffee. To make this interesting DIY gift, you need to stick several rows of coffee beans on the blank ball, then put it on top of the tube. This is a trunk of your DIY coffee tree, and you can glue a satin ribbon around it. After that, put the whole finished tree into a pot filled with alabaster to seal it there.

  1. DIY jewelry

Don’t worry, since this doesn’t have to be very expensive. For example, it can be a bead or bracelet. You don’t need any expensive materials either, because you can make this gift using a lump of polymer clay, ribbons, leather, fabric, or wire. Usually, girls highly value handmade jewelry, carefully store them, and wear them with joy.

  1. Jewelry casket

You can make a box for small things out of cardboard or buy a box in a store and decorate it yourself. To do this, just glue hearts, lace, beads, various keys, artificial flowers, ruffles, or decoupage cards on the box. Generally, the choice of decor depends only on your imagination and budget.

  1. Time capsule

This is another original DIY gift to your girlfriend.  Find a durable container, put a romantic letter, small notes, wishes, photos, and cute little things that only two of you understand inside. When everything is ready, buy some wine and go on a picnic, burry this time capsule there. After a couple of years, you can come back and dig it up. Also, a beautiful women’s watch is a great addition to this gift.

  1. Makeup mirror with an openwork pattern

To make this DIY gift, you will need any round mirror, as well as lace or tulle. Fix it on the mirror so that you get the desired pattern. Close the center with cardboard and paint it to make it better. Be careful while painting, we recommend placing some protection on other parts of a mirror before painting it. As a result, your girlfriend will get a nice mirror, and you will get a happy girlfriend.

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