5 ways to Keep a Grooming Routine

Being a perfect gentleman is not all about chivalry. An essential part of being a gentleman is grooming. The perfect gentleman always pays attention to his grooming. The notion that a man paying attention to his grooming seems off is a thing of the past. Looking and Smelling Nice has become one of the most important definitions of being a real man in recent times.

It may seem that some guys have it easy. Their hair is always looking good. Skin is always clear and the ladies seem to be all over them. Let me make this clear to you; the only edge they over you is the fact that they have a grooming routine that they stick to and you probably don’t…

To help you with this, I have prepared you five ways to keep a grooming routine. Here they are:

1.    Powder your balls

This may seem like a piece of unconventional advice but it would help a lot. The smell of ball sweat can bring your dapper rating to the ground no matter how nice you look. If you are lucky enough and nobody can smell anything, you know when you stink. This would affect your confidence and make you look unattractive.

It is a lose-lose situation, so just powder your balls. Not with menthol or talc though…. Talc can cause cancer and menthol can hurt. Also, try to steer clear from powders that make a paste. That is just plain nasty.

2.    Take Cold Showers

Yes, even during winter!! This even works better during winter. During winter, your skin gets dry quickly. While cold showers may not be that enjoyable, they are less irritating to the skin when compared to warm showers. Look on the bright side; you would finish your bath soon enough to polish up your appearance.

3.    Condition your beard with your hair

I am sure you will agree with me when I say an itchy beard is not a pleasant thing to have. It is also not an attractive thing to see! Itchiness is perhaps the only uncomfortable thing that comes with beard growth. The best way to combat itchy facial hair is to condition it. You can condition your beard while you condition your hair. It makes it a lot easier. A moisturized beard is less likely to be itchy.

4.    Use Single Blade Shaving Sticks

While single blade shaving sticks are a lot harder to use than multi-blade sticks, single blade sticks give a closer shave and a more luxurious shave experience. Another noteworthy perk is better skin.

If you are migrating from multi-blade sticks, it may feel weird at first, but you will get used to it. The process of getting used to it is worth the benefits.

Also, ditch aftershaves that have alcohol in them. They dry out your skin and get irritated. Instead, go natural, alcohol-free aftershave.

5.    Regularly change your toothbrush

I do not mean to trigger you, but your toothbrush becomes a haven if you keep using your it for long. After three months, buy a new one!! If you use a toothbrush for a while longer than that, things begin to go downhill from there.

Swapping them out keeps things clean and fresh and can make a huge difference in your oral hygiene and grooming in general.


Having and keeping a grooming routine is important in not only making you look good on the outside but also making you live a healthy life. Start following the tips mentioned above today, and you will begin the difference in no time.

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