10 of the Best Engineering and Technology YouTubers You Should be Following

If you’re at all interested in technology, science, or engineering, chances are you love consuming media related to those industries. Seeing the latest and greatest innovations or learning how something works never fails to get old for the curious mind. While TV shows seem to be trending towards more mind-numbing rather than mind-inspiring nowadays, the world of internet media is a lush ground of educational content.

To help you smarten up social media feeds and bring a little fun education to your life, we’ve compiled 10 YouTube creators that you should probably be following if you like STEM.

10. Real Engineering

Real engineering is perhaps one of the greatest purely engineering centric channels on the web. The best way to describe his content is a mix of historical and present engineering mixed with history channel documentary filmmaking and professional animations. If you like engineering, then chances are you’re going to like his channel.

9. Smarter Every Day

Destin at Smarter Every Day is just your average engineer filled with a passion for learning and discovering things he doesn’t know. He once unlearned how to ride a bike through some mind boggling science and he recently went behind the scenes on a major rocket launch. There’s no greater channel for the person that wants to be continuously filled with wonder, and you never know what Destin is going to throw at you in each new video.

8. Practical Engineering

Practical Engineering is perhaps the most technically dense channel on the list. It’s filled with all sorts of civil engineering principles explained in great detail, like why sinkholes form. If you want to learn how anything civil engineering works in great detail, then this is probably the channel for you.

7. Cody’s Lab

Cody is an interesting character – and an incredible chemist. From refining precious metals to creating custom cans for canning, if it’s chemistry and you can do it yourself, then Cody has probably made a video about it. Even for anyone not a huge fan of chemistry, his down to earth video style can bring even the most casual viewer along for an interesting experience.

6. Concerning Reality

Concerning Reality is the newest and smallest channel on the list, but it’s also growing fast. This channel combines animation and documentary style video to explain engineering principles, take a look back at interesting history, or otherwise explain everything “concerning reality.”

5. Backyard Scientist

The Backyard Scientist is the most casual of the channels on the list, but it arguably might be the most fun. You’ll see fun experiments filling this channel that often create quite the mess. He recently built a massive microwave to answer the question “what would happen if you microwaved a microwave?” If you like eclectic engineering and science, then the Backyard Scientist might be worth a look.

4.  Vsauce

Vsauce is one of the largest channels here, and is known for creating longer format mind-boggling content. If you’ve never seen any of the channel’s videos, then there is a wealth of interesting media for you to consume. Most of Michael’s time, the creator behind the channel, is spent creating longer format videos for his YouTube premium series Mind Field. Regardless, you should definitely be following Vsauce if you like educational content.

3. Veritasium

Veritasium is a channel that gets heavy into physics and science all the while bringing along even the most uneducated of viewers. The quality of videos on this channel are above par and will never fail to aide you in learning something new.

2. Numberphile

If you like math, or at least are interested in math, then you’ll want to be subscribed to Numberphile. This channel concerns itself with interesting mathematical problems, a bit of maths history, and some mind-blowing calculations. Each and every video is packed with mathematical goodness worth your subscription on YouTube.

1. Mark Rober

Mark Rober is a former NASA engineer who took his talent for creating onto YouTube. He once created the world’s largest Super Soaker and even conducted a highly-accurate test to figure out which city across America was the most honest. You never quite know what Mark is going to be up to next, but you do know that it’s going to be good.

Trevor is a civil engineer (B.S.) by trade and an accomplished writer with a passion for inspiring everyone with new and exciting technologies. He is also a published children’s book author and the producer for the YouTube channel Concerning Reality.

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